Breaking the Picture Plane

In Drawing we are taught about perspective, a key element in that is the concept of representing our subject as through we are looking through --a picture plane-- a window Breaking the picture plane is the idea of drawing the viewer into the experience.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I often wonder why we spend so much money on an education when over a third of our time is spent figuring out what it is the instructor wants or worse, trying to figure out how to use the programs we utilize to create design.  Currently I"m being creative in a very tiny box, just as I have been for the last year. But if you ask me what makes one design better than another I'm only going to be able to give you aesthetic reasons.  Graphic design is about more than aesthetics it's about communication.  Sure you may communicate the idea in your own head but will anyone else get it.... And if they do why do they get it?  Lately my main responses to the work of my self and my classmates has been in answer to two questions. "Does it grab my attention and would I buy it?"   Break it down much further than that and I"m not even sure if I"m blowing smoke anymore.  

I really would like to have some solid discourse on what design is about and how it communicates.   Great so and so was a great designer, "Why"  Is he still great does his design still communicate, does it get our attention, does it stay in our memory?" 

This year I've seen a bunch of images that really got my attention.  I can't tell you what any of them were about.  Not a good end result.... 

So now I have a new question.  How do I make my designs aesthetically pleasing, communicative and memorable?

If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them.
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