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In Drawing we are taught about perspective, a key element in that is the concept of representing our subject as through we are looking through --a picture plane-- a window Breaking the picture plane is the idea of drawing the viewer into the experience.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

It is really telling when a nation which moves from being primarly tech-oriented economy, to one that is heavily reliant on creatives developing information and ideas when thier job market shrinks.   

Last year for career days there were over 30 companies here at ISU. This year we are lucky to have 6.  And all we hear about is job creation when there isn't any market to create new jobs.

Is it really protectionist when a country wishes to retain it's jobs and employees?  Most of us can't up and move with our jobs anymore. Nor do we want to move to a country where the feedoms we are use to are sevearly curbed. And even less likely are countries to recieve an influx of foriegn labor.  

Global economies require global government, are we sure we want to walk down that path?

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